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User Journey Mapping

A customer experience map is vital to the evolution of the product. It helps set the stage for the product team and provides the team with the ability to identify customer touchpoints which are key to the digital customer journey.

Improve customer experience using customer journey maps

Better understand your user by researching your customer journey touchpoints. By creating a customer journey map, or user experience map, your team will identify customer touchpoints and derive deep meaning about your users.

Let our UX Consultants help guide you along our customer journey mapping process by working with your team to create a customer journey planning guide.

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Benefits of Customer Journey Map

  • Identify your customer's physical and digital touchpoints
  • Help your team focus on customer needs at different stages in the sales and buying funnel
  • Identifying and validate the logical order of the customer journey
  • Provides an outside perspective on your buying funnel, sales process
  • Identify gaps between current customer experience and your team's desired customer experience
  • Highlights current and upcoming development priorities
  • Allows your team to concentrate efforts on what matters most to your business and end-customers.

Customer Journey Touchpoints

Savy consumers are changing and engaging more online. These customers are using a variety of digital tools to help with their purchasing decisions.  Even some offline interactions are taking on digital identity. This includes location-based services to help with taking a flight or visiting a store. And as more ‘digital-savy customers’ enter the workforce and increase purchasing power, online interactions become much more inportant. When evaluating your products your customer is likely to first use a search engine, like Google, an online review site, like Yelp, and a social network, like Facebook, to learn more and gauge the service or product your company offers.

It is vital to the success of your business to understand how these interactions work and how to take advantage of them, and defining a customer journey map is a great tool to learn about and define your customer's interactions.

User Journey Touchpoints

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