Small business owners have to be cautious about the technology they invest in. While there is
new tech hitting the market on virtually a daily basis, small businesses need to choose wisely
regarding how to spend their limited funds. A lot of the tech is simply too expensive and doesn’t
justify the cost. However, there are tech trends small business owners should pay attention to
and invest in if at all possible.

Collaboration Tools

If your small business has remote workers, incorporating the latest collaboration tools could
massively boost productivity and help the employees form a sense of camaraderie. Slack is a
communication hub that allows workers to organize tasks and ultimately work more efficiently as
a team. Best of all, Slack has a free tier that is suitable for most small businesses.
For easy online video conferencing, GoToMeeting is easy technology to set up and there’s a 14-
day free trial. For managing projects or tasks with a number of moving parts and multiple people
involved, Trello or Asana are at the cutting edge.

Even if your small business consists of just a few employees, using collaboration tools can
make a noticeable enough difference to justify the associated expenses.

Suitable Smartphone

A small business owner doesn’t necessarily need a top of the line smartphone, but selecting the
right mobile device will make life easier. A suitable smartphone that can reliably handle anything
from video calls with a customer halfway across the world to checking email on the go is a must.
The fact that you will be able to handle work no matter where you are or no matter what you’re
doing makes a smartphone a smart investment that will quickly pay for itself. Devices like the
new iPhone 11, which boasts 26 hours of usage time, or the Google Pixel 3, which offers an
improved camera and enhanced security, are perfect examples of top-notch smartphones that
will ensure you’re always connected.

In addition to finding a smartphone with all the features your type of business demands, also be
on the lookout for reasonably priced data plans. By researching the options, you will be able to
find plans that give you the amount of data you need at an affordable price. And many wireless
carriers offer plans specifically for small businesses.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

These days, a majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices, not desktops. That’s a big shift
from even a few years ago. Nowadays, a web presence for a small business can’t afford to
ignore mobile users.

Be sure that your business’ website follows the best practices of mobile-friendly web design.
Even if you need to hire a web designer to ensure the website is mobile-friendly, that’s money
well spent. As the years go by, an increasingly higher percentage of web traffic will be from
mobile devices.

Mobile users are very active on social media, so it also makes sense to build up your business’
social media presence, as well. According to Facebook, they have more than 2.4 billion active
users. Considering that 96% of Facebook users access it from a mobile device, those numbers
alone make it unwise to ignore the power of social media.

Latest Payment Methods

The majority of small businesses accept payments from customers in one form or another. One
of the hottest tech trends is for businesses to accept a wide range of payment methods. No
longer is it enough to only take cash. A service like Paypal or Square can allow your business to
accept payments on a website, over the phone, by email, or even in person with help from your
smartphone or tablet.

Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are also growing rapidly in popularity and should
not be overlooked by small business owners. Additionally, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are
starting to carve out a notable niche. According to statistics from Blockchain Capital, nearly 90%
of American adults have heard of Bitcoin and younger Americans are especially excited about
its potential. A service like BitPay can make it easy for small businesses to accept Bitcoin.
Your small business doesn’t need to jump on every piece of technology that comes along. In
fact, that’s a quick way to lose a lot of money. That said, there are definitely tech products and
services that simply make too much sense to ignore. With the right tech added to your business,
you can get one step ahead of the competition.

Photo via pixabay