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Who is UX Sprint Lab?

WE ARE: Thinkers | Researchers | Teachers

We are researchers and teachers at heart. We prefer to analyze patterns, numbers, and data to find solutions, and we’re not stingy with those solutions. We love to study and understand how the universe works and sharing what you've learned with others. Our audience sees us as an objective, factual and trustworthy source of expertise.

Teams I've worked with

Freelance UX Designer and UX Consultant

James Weaver

CXO & Founder

Hello. My name is James Weaver and I'm CXO and founder of UX Sprint Lab.

As a UX researcher, I've conducted countless design sprints and workshops over my career. I've been working tirelessly to perfect my design process over the last 8 years and am pulling from my experiences in the corporate world as well as my education to offer UX services to business innovators, digital product teams, and can help you transform your business by focusing on your users.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy deriving deep meaning from each phase of my design process and have solved very complex business challenges by focusing on the user. My design process has been developed to help your business and IT goals match your user's goals.

I use tried and true UX methods and craft and an authentic message that will resonate directly with your product team and end users. I believe our UX process is matched by few and provides a complete user-centered design strategy that will culminate in highly successful results for your business and end users. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.

Don't take our word for it.

There’s been a lot of success, which at this point is still qualitative and largely from an optics perspective. Our shared client has been really pleased and feels our progress and our velocity has met and, in some cases, exceeded their expectations. UX Sprint Lab deliver high-level work.

Data Center Manufacturer

Technology Director
Their holistic perspective impresses me. It’s not just a storyboard, but wireframes with full-fidelity mockups and design. They have end-to-end skillsets; they do just about anything that we would want from a UX standpoint and are also very personable and approachable.

Financial Services

Business Innovation Director

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